Fraction audio slicing workstation

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Fraction is an effect plugin for deep real-time manipulation and re-engineering of sound. It features 8 slicers which record and repeat the input audio at defined points in time, slightly or radically changing its rhythmical arrangement. Each slicer has three dedicated effect processors with a wide range of algorithms, and their parameters can be animated in many different ways. Rolls, stutters, fills, breaks and transitions can be done with unprecedented ease – in fact, Fraction has enough power to create whole musical pieces out of almost anything!


Like every Sinevibes product, Fraction has a clean, carefully crafted user interface with animated and color-coded controls. Its live audio waveform lets you visually place slice markers on particular sounds, and custom graphics for each effect algorithm allow to quickly see what’s going on. All this makes Fraction a doddle to learn – and a blast to use.

– Eight audio slice repeaters with individual settings for size, repeat count, playback direction, trigger probability and more.
– Thee effect units per slice, offering 16 algorithms: low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-reject filters, phaser, barber-pole phaser, positive and negative flangers, chorus, bit depth and sample rate reduction, analog drive, circuit-bent filter, frequency shifter, pitch shifter and ring modulator.
– Four parameter animation generators per slice, tightly synchronized to slice repeaters.

– Live input audio waveform for visual slice marker placement.
– Fully hardware-accelerated rendering with support for Retina screen resolution.
– Multiple utility and randomization functions.
– Additional functions via multi-touch gestures and force touch on compatible trackpad devices.

– Works with any application that supports Audio Unit effect plugins.
– Supports OS X 10.6 or later running on 32 or 64 bit Intel Macs.

Update 1.3.0
– Added new ring modulator effect algorithm.
– Vastly optimized idle processing efficiency (up to 4x less load).
– New, more efficient parameter smoothing algorithm.
– Multiple minor user interface enhancements, including smoother lines, increased contrast and better visual grouping of related control elements.
– New, visually lighter and more legible selector design.
– Increased size of live waveform display.
– Added “evolve” functions for gradual randomization.
– Added new command-click and force-click shortcuts.
– Added support for two-finger trackpad swipe to switch slice sets.
– Fixed paste function pasting when copy buffer is empty.
– Fixed inconsistencies between user interface and parameter interface titles.
– Added new factory presets.
– Completely new user manual.
Easy to use. Great results. Versatile effects. Unconventional modulation. Great presets. [...] Heaps of fun from this creative new plugin. – Computer Music Magazine, 2016
Fraction isn’t the first slice repeater plug-in. But it might be the most direct and intuitive. [...] It’s tough to describe just how much it’s able to do. – Create Digital Music, 2015

Four-bar house arrangement processed with 6 different Fraction presets
Four-bar dubstep beat processed with 4 different Fraction presets
Two different Fraction presets working on a monophonic synth bassline
An example showing trigger probability and randomization of slice size and repeat count
Acoustic drum break with seven slice repeaters gradually added in
Distorted electric guitar going into three different Fraction presets