Who are we?

Who are we?

Sinevibes is a company focused on creating innovative music software for Apple's OS X and iOS platforms, operating since 2006. Our goal is to give musicians access to complex technologies via simple user interfaces, making finely-tuned products that are both productive and fun. We are also collaborating with multiple industry-leading hardware and software manufacturers, aiding the development of their amazing instruments.

Our portfolio

Output 2015-2016

  • DSP development and consulting for Movement effect plugin

Native Instruments 2008–2012

  • Part of factory patches for Monark
  • Part of patches for Massive Kore Soundpack vol. 2
  • Part of patches for Massive Kore Soundpack vol. 1
  • Part of factory patches for Massive 1.1

Spectrasonics 2008–2011

  • Part of patches for Bob Moog Tribute library for Omnisphere synthesizer
  • "Variable waveshaping DSP synthesis" algorithms for Omnisphere synthesizer

algoriddim 2011–2012

  • TV tuning effect algorithm for vjay app
  • Bitcrusher and LFO gate effect algorithms for djay app

Roland 2004–2011

  • Part of factory sounds for JUPITER-80 synthesizer
  • Part of factory sounds for JUNO-Gi synthesizer
  • Part of patches, live sets and arpeggiator patterns for Fantom-G synthesizer OS update 1.5
  • Part of factory patches for GAIA SH-01 synthesizer
  • Licensing of Fantom Tweakbook and V-Synth Tweakbook for distribution in Japan
  • Online seminars and sound demos for Fantom-G synthesizer
  • Fantom-G demo at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2008
  • Part of factory patches and live sets for Fantom-G synthesizer
  • Part of factory patches for JUNO-G synthesizer
  • Part of factory waveforms, patches and rhythm kits for V-Synth 2.0 and V-Synth XT synthesizers
  • Part of factory patches for Fantom-X synthesizer OS update 2.0
  • "Auto Mate" demo and part of factory samples for Fantom-Xa synthesizer

And a little more...

  • User manual for BeepStreet Impaktor app
  • Part of factory patches for BeepStreet Sunrizer app
  • Circuit-bent filter algorithm for AudioSpillage DrumSpillage
  • Waveshaper algorithms and drum kits for AudioSpillage Elecktroid
  • "Sinevibes" factory patch bank for Argon iOS app
  • Waveshaper algorithm for Jasuto iOS app
  • Part of factory samples for Linplug RM V plugin