Array spectral sequencer

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Reconstruct and transform drum and percussion loops. Turn any instrument or static sound into spectrally and rhythmically rich new material. Liven up your tracks with intricate breaks and transitions. Array is an essential processing tool for everyone.


Divide and sequence. Array splits the input sound using eight smooth resonant band-pass filters with selectable -12 or -36 dB/octave slope. Each band features a separate gate sequencer with up to 32 steps, letting you manipulate the spectrum in a rhythmical fashion.

One sound fits all. With tight synchronisation, smooth gate switching, as well as variable sequencer rate and swing, Array can easily match the timing and feel of any input material. It's a very universal effect that works great on synths, basses, pads, drum and percussion loops – but can also turn static sounds or noise into elaborate motion textures.

Light-speed operation. Thanks to its simple yet stylish interface, Array is incredibly easy to work with. For example, it automatically arranges the sequencer steps in groups of three or four, depending on normal or triplet timing. It also has multiple utility functions for randomising or looping the sequencer, allowing to construct complex, interesting patterns very quickly.

Update 2.0.1
– New advanced host synchronisation scheme that supports tempo and time signature automation.
– Support for sandboxed hosts.

In the press

Array takes a complicated concept and boils it down to a minimalist set of controls. [...] Its tight focus, superlative ease of use and impressive sonic results really can't be faulted – 4 stars, Computer Music / 2012
It works just as well for both extreme or subtle processing, for when you want to re-invent a sound or give it a slightly unnatural, digital vibe. [...] A simple yet well-implemented plugin for creating new ideas and sequences – 9/10, Music Tech Magazine / 2012


Array works with Logic, GarageBand, Live, MainStage, ReNoise, Reaper, Studio One, Digital Performer, Tracktion and other software that supports Audio Unit effect plugins. It comes in 32/64 bit format for Intel Macs running OS X 10.6 or later, and supports Retina screen resolution.